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At this page you can find some tools to regain control of the PC your kids are using

My sons can't get enough of gaming on the PC, and I recon they're no exception compared with the average kid.
So at a Sunday afternoon I've made a little tool just for this reason, it's configurable with a maximum time a day they're allowed to sit behind the PC. The tool keeps track of the time spend for in 24 hours, so at midnight it resets back to zero minutes spend. This per PC per person logged on, when shutdown the spend time is kept and at startup on the same day, the time available is corrected with the time they already have spend. 

For as long the tool is active, you can see a digital clock that can be controlled with a contextmenu, just rightclick the icon in the taskbar. Of course this is protected with a password. When the time is up they get two warnings, one 15 minutes and one at 5 minutes before the end time. If they don't listen the PC will shutdown forcing all process to quit so a clean shutdown happens. If they're headstrong and try to startup the PC again with there account, the PC will shutdown immediately again. The tool will adjust to Dutch and English (VS) culture automatically, depending on your PC his settings. And there are more configuration possibilities,if a process is blocking the shutdown you can let the tool kill it first,


  • Download the release, simply unrar the file in the Program File directory and make a shortcut that you copy to the startup directory of the accounts that your children use. When they start the PC and logon the tool will start automatically.
  • The complete code (in .NET C#) is available for everyone who's curious how it works



This project is archived

This project is discontinued and archived

The code is still available and can be downloaded at:


Link naar de
Code base van Shutdown applicatie
Link naar
Release van de shutdown applicatie


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