Instant Chat Release Notes


 New functionality:

  1. Made it possible to minimize and shutdown the application by right clicking thee screens, used a context menu.
  2. If the port is changed the application will try to use it instantly, if this fails a message will be shown recomending a restart of the application.
  3. Daily Build are made based on incremental changes and manual builBuilds.
  4. Unittests are running again


New functionality:

  1. Added a Indicator to the Chat window to indicate if on the PC at the other side also a version of the Chat application is active en reachable. (Task 4, Changeset 25)
    Location: Chat window.
  2. At an network with a bad DNS server, that isn't able to resolve the hostname, add the IP Address at the hostname input box. So a connection can still be established. (Bug 8, Changeset 38)
    Location: Who's Online window, input PC contact,  add IP address separated by a comma from the hostname.

Maintenance, Task 6:

  1. Resolved Code analysis warnings. (Changeset 44)
  2. Placed all Windows border styles to the central style xaml.(Changeset 27)
  3. Code Cleanup (Changeset 44)


  1. Icons are not visible at the receiving Chat application. (Bug 2, Changeset 39)
  2. When the language changes, the contextmenu text didn't change to the correct language.(Bug 14, Changeset 45)
  3. If the IP Address isn't known of the current PC (localhost) this isn't automatically resolved(Bug 15, Changeset 48)



Initial version with the functionality as described at Projects --> Instant Chat menu on this site.

Functionality to build

  1. Enable skinning using an Factory Pattern
  2. Factoring the mechanism for exceptions in more detail.


Bugs to resolve

Only if you enter some text first the possibilitye arise to add a icon to the messages.
Location, Chat venster in the textbox below.

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