Educational application

April 2006:

 Let me first introduce myself, I'm Leo Broos and father of 2 boys, a Software Engineer by profession
and from that capacity interested in everything in terms of technology in my field.
My boys share that love for the ICT world, only then more in terms of gaming on both PC and PS2/XBOX.
At one point I found that they rather went too far and started to reflect how I could put them to work in a different
more "useful" way behind the PC. So I started to search the internet for educational material and there is quite a bit of it.
All fine sites but with fairly static material. In addition, there is also a lot of software available for reasonable prices,
of which I myself have tired different applications as try out on my boys. It struck me that these applications are often not
able to capture their interest for a long time.
The level of difficulty is often limited to some modest differences and there is a lot of "overhead" by graphics applications.
Or they are based on outdated technology, allowing the application (s) feel cumbersome and slow.
In short I wanted to make something what acts directly and is understandable by children, but can be configured to an
appropriate level. I wanted to have a further insight into the performance and find a technological challenge in realizing it.
This has translated into a graphic attractive application that offers great user interaction.

O yeah, almost forgot, it struck me that children quickly realize the logic and don't think anymore but
repeat the same trick. Hence, there is a piece of logic that makes sure that the never exactly the same figure
combination is used inside a sum.

Reactions are no longer accepted, the code is still available for download at:

Download the manual (only Dutch version)    
Download Educational Application on framework 1.1    
Download Educational Application on framework 3.5    
Installation manual (only Dutch version)


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