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Let me first introduce myself, I'm Leo Broos a Sr. software engineer with a great passion for the .NET technology. My career, which is actually my hobby and passion, drives me to develop myself continuously. Because I’m not experiencing enough innovation in my daily job. I keep on pushing further in my spare time with exploring new possibilities within .NET technology, and developing my own engineering skills in general.
In addition, I am also a supporter of the Agile project methodology and a great admirer of the books in the Pragmatic bookshelf series. This is for me also a popular subject to discussion and my real favorite so far is still "Refactor your Wetware".

So if you're interested to try out new things, to discuss topics or simply would like to ask me something about .NET, read on and/or contact me. If you like I’ll create a new blog on the topic ad hand.
Also feedback about the site is greatly appreciated, both in terms of its content and also the layout.

To view the projects and download the source code you must log on and/or register, after confirmation you have free access to the projects descriptions including the source code and latest builds for download.

For more info about my C.V. I like to redirect you to LinkedIn, just click on the logo.
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Purpose of this Site

This site is meant to profile myself as a software engineer and .NET specialist through blogs, example projects and discussions on topics such as design patterns, the latest .NET technologies and so on. Clearly this will reveal my passion and preference for WPF and Silverlight. Hopefully I can start dialogues within and offer an important contribution to the .NET development community.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay on my site and have a lot of fun sharing my passion for the .NET technology.

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